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2013 Awakening
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 • 2011 Wave of Light
 • 2010 Tipping Point
Japan Tsunami
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Simion Quote

"You will know you are on the right path when you begin to care less about your personal identity and more about the feeling tone of your inner self."

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Video & Audio Recordings


Tuning In Two: Spirit Channelers in America Feature length documentary with Jill Mara featured channeling Simion Now Available in the 7D Store! Watch the trailer below

Tuning In Two Movie

Tuning In Two Documentary Channelers in America

Free Videos of Channeling Sessions
with Simion, the Evolutionary Collective

channeled by Jill "Amariah" Mara

Creating Your Reality part 1

What Will Happen Dec. 21, 2012?

Creating Your Reality part 2

What is Ascension?


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Recordings of Jill Amariah Mara Channeling Simion

Available in CD or Download

Powerful channeled insights and advice from Simion through Jill Mara with background music from Thaddeus channeled by Sanaya Roman.

The messages from Simion, and the Thaddeus music, both transmit energies that assist in personal transformation. Each recording is approximately one hour in length.

The following recordings are available as .mp3 downloads ($8.98 ea) or as quality .wav CD's with 100% recycled paper covers ($11.11 ea). To place an order please visit our store

Creating Beneficial Extraterrestrial Contact

Simion relays powerful information on how to use ones conscious intent to awaken communications with beings from other dimensions and other worlds. They explain that a multitude of beings are awaiting our development to allow for contact. They transmit energy that can activate one's awareness of their soul's ET existences and ambassador potential.

Thaddeus music: Great Bear, Pleiades from Star Journeys and Liberation from Receiving Blessings from Enlightened Ones.

Listen to sample 1 (approx. 5 min.) play track 1

Expanding Your 5 Levels of Awareness

Simion describes our 5 levels of soul or energy bodies (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spirit, Eternal Oneness) and how we can observe and expand these levels of awareness beyond our self imposed limits. They explain that we can integrate our multi-dimensional Higher Soul Awareness into our experiences.

Thaddeus music: Blending with your Soul from Becoming Your Soul.

Listen to sample 2 (approx. 5 min.) forward to track 2

The Transition to the 4th Dimension

The light beings explain what it means to be transitioning into our next octave of awareness. They clarify confusion of whether we are going the 4th or 5th Dimension. They advice us on how to assist in creating and preparing for a less dense experience, and what this process will feel like.

Thaddeus music: Strands of Light and Healing Treatment from Becoming Your Soul and Manifesting Potential Consciousness in Motion form Into The One Divine Self.

Listen to sample 3 (approx. 5 min.) forward to track 3

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