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Chapter 1

Your Earthly dimensional plane has recently been opened for easier access by other realms of reality. p4

Now, and in the coming years, the number of light bringers on your Earth is rising by the millions. p5

We are all working together to bring about a revolutionary shift in your Earth plane. p5

We come to connect you up to the light grid where you can begin exploring for yourselves. p6

The ego, or “I” mentality, ceases to be of a concern when you plug into your source energy. p6

Everything comes more easily and freely when you are in the vibration of your higher emotions. p8

Being aware and attentive to your emotional guidance is the first step in living as a higher dimensional being. p9

One can only get beyond the standard way of viewing anything by stretching his or her imagination. p11

Your imagination is an incredible tool that opens doors with minimal effort. p13

Jumping up or down to another octave of musical notes, would be similar to switching dimensional perspective. p13

In a way, dimensions can be considered steps into a new way of perceiving. p14

Evolution is the means by which beings of consciousness move into higher realms of dimensional perception. p15

This is not by any means the first such giant leap that your species has gone through in its history, and it will not be the last. p17

Be still and feel your consciousness creating a frequency. p18

By evolving to the next level, you are giving yourselves more awareness, and therefore more to experience and create. p19

Sense more, and beyond your usual limitations by intending to do so. p20

The super-conductive nature of consciousness is the answer to all the questions of reality. p21

Chapter 2

Believe it or not, all the information from your planet is stored in its energy field. p23

You are the creators of your world and what you do as a whole affects worlds beyond yours as well. p24

The only probabilities that exist are those that have been given thought energy in the past, present or future. p24

You can connect with anything to which you can tune your vibration.p25

The ability to tap into the archival energy field lies wholly in shifting one’s awareness. p25

Let go of disbelief for a few minutes and imagine that you can sense beyond your physical self. p26

You are all that you have ever fathomed. What you have given the most energy to, you are, and so it goes for your species as a whole.p26

Be aware of where you are now in your thoughts, as this is where you will be flowing and growing as you mix with those frequencies of like mind. p28

In order for your soul to transform itself you must trust in its ability to do so. p30

Darkness cannot take away from the light. p31

It is time to move the entire game field to a new octave where you can be what you are meant to be. p32

You are here to assist in the transformation of the one soul of your planetary existence. p33

An important part of the awakening is the realization that you are not separate. p33

Your brightness is hidden and waiting to be set free. Only you can do this by choosing awareness. p38

You can transform your soul by changing your reactions to challenges. p38

As you fine tune, you no longer see reality as good and evil, but rather as flowing or stagnating creation. p39

The higher the realms you connect to, the more able you will be to create your intentions. p39

Chapter 3

There is not a destiny; instead there are parameters of possibilities that are ever changing. p42

It is inevitable that great change will occur on your planet in your lifetimes. p43

Imagine it, believe it, and create it with your own life now. p48

Everyone can have everything they ever dreamed of without harming another. p48

Remember that you cannot destroy the light of creation, but you can always reveal more of it in your plane of existence. p50

We see a future… in which your greatest minds, and most developed souls, are the leaders, not those that have the largest egos. p50

True life is the freedom of each soul to be its own spark of the creator in unison with the spirit of the One Soul. p48

When you shed conformity, you become the real you that is a beautiful being of creative flowing light. p49

Chapter 4

Your thoughts, imaginations, visualizations, fantasies, and emotional life are all energy forms that create what you experience. p63

It is the process of challenging yourself to transform that will truly give you the elation you seek. p68

Raising your vibration is about revealing more of your light source. p69

In order for your soul to reach higher vibrations, it must face every challenge with exuberance at the possibility for further enlightenment. p70

The vibrational shift in your consciousness will come from shifting your perception so that it resonates in the next octave. p72

If you have the desire to transform, then you have the power to do so. p73

Desire is the spark that ignites our dreams on all levels of existence. p73

You are here to move mountains with your collective spirit. p77

Your intentions can take you everywhere, if you dare to follow them higher. p81

Chapter 5

You are all actors that have forgotten you are acting and have become consumed by your roles. p84

A self-aware soul is one that understands and appreciates its place in the evolutionary process of the whole. p86

Ultimately, the more togetherness you feel, the more power you elicit for your progress as a species. p87

As self-aware souls, you are able to govern your own path and transcend any vibration that does not suit your soul. p91

Your collective consciousness has the power to change your world. p93

You will know you are on the right path when you begin to care less about your personal identity and more about the feeling tone of your inner self. p96

Chapter 6

Your beliefs in the energy of consciousness will be at the root of your shift and evolution. p98

There will be new relationships established with beings, and energy forms, in other dimensions. p98

A focused group of consciously aware souls will be able to change matter. p99

With collective human consciousness you can purify the waters on your entire planet. p100

The world will change as your beliefs about it change. p101

As your belief in consciousness changes, so will everything you are conscious about as a species. p103

What you can envision, you can create. More minds are always better than one, and together you will be able to fly. p103

What you start creating at the consciousness level now, will add to what becomes possible in the coming era. p104

Chapter 7

The light within you is bright and true, and is ready to be shared with the world. p114

See the light in you and your surroundings, and you will be encouraging the same in others. p114

The source of everything is the light of creation. p114

Being the ultimate expression of you is being the ultimate expression of God, The Light, or The Source Energy of existence. p119

Everything is exactly as it is right now in your life for the purpose of allowing you to see more of who you are. p119

Every single physical and emotional element in your surroundings is a poetic creation by attraction. p119

Chapter 8

When you rethink with the bigger picture in mind, your sense of where to be may completely change. p132

Each of you must decide, with awareness, what type and quality of energy you wish to be connected to when the dynamics accelerate. p133

Your intentions will determine the nature of the lures that come your way. p134

The art of getting outside of yourself will allow you to see where you should be and when. p135

Your goal is to shine your inner light upon the world and help others do the same. p141

The well lit path is filled with the joy of discovery, and of sharing the true essence of your soul. p141

Chapter 9

Imagine your present life without all the blocks you have placed upon it. p148

Creation becomes like a flowing stream when you are able to follow a higher vibrational path. p150

As you discover your soul’s potential, you will also see its ability to create in synchronicity with the rest of the universe. p154

With your soul turned on, you will see that you can create the road ahead with your soul mind’s eye. p155

There is an irony in the fact that you must resist when you feel resistance, so that you have no resistance to resist. p157

Whenever you feel friction in your life, you are not connected to your soul’s light. p158

It is the very act of letting go, despite the fears, that can set you free of them. p160

Soul actions create endless light, while your ego believes it must steal and fight for it. p160

Chapter 10

The experience of chronological time is an illusion. p163

You can alter yesterday and tomorrow by your consciousness today. p163

When you hold onto events from your past as if they were real, you are holding yourself in a limited image for today. p163

The act of observing is an act of creation. p165

When you put your soul in charge, you can alter your history and recreate yourself in time. p167

Many beings are interested in your evolution because it impacts theirs. p173

You can visit the future and the future is visiting you, right now. p173

Many of you are, or will have the opportunity, to be working with off world beings to assist with human and Earth evolution. p174

You have the choice and power in each moment to recreate your yesterday, today, and tomorrow. p178

Chapter 11

Everything in our universe is made up of energy, and takes on shape based on its frequency. p179

All consciousness creates our universe; that includes you, us, and every particle.

We travel and communicate over the lines of light to which we are all connected on an atomic level. p179

Your physical reality is held together by strands of light. p181

When your consciousness resonates with the vibration of sharing light, then it will stay healthy. p184

When the bulk of your society is sharing light and refilling from the cosmic field, then resources will be plentiful. p184

Emotions are an indicator of the nature of the energy you are transmitting. p184

Each of you has the ability to uplift one another by invigorating cells with renewable light. p186

The natural state of everything is to evolve as a creator and revealer of the endless light. p186

By strengthening your ability to become a conduit of light transference, you are choosing a world of health and abundance. p186

All life forms that are in support of the Earth will follow the paths of light that she will illuminate for them to see their way into the new world. p190

There comes a time when we all must shed our darkness and come up from the ashes. p191

Your planet is a spectacular example of a consciousness that is full of creative life force. p191

Chapter 12

If you only truly recognized the power you have as creators, you would think only of your highest potential outcome. p193

You have the power to create a world filled with light, promise, and blossoming creativity. p195

The largest collective thought forms drive the direction of your world’s manifestations. p195

The more thought energy, and the higher its vibration, the more likely you will be to experience the material forms to match. p195

You can create this new world of freedom, prosperity, and joy, by focusing your minds and hearts on this end. p196

You can each wake up now to the abundance that is already within and among you. p196

We encourage you always to do what your soul feels compelled to do, but never if it is out of fear of lack. p201.

There are as many paths to the new world as there are souls upon it. p201

Imagine each person being divinely guided to their highest contribution. p206

Take the power from outside and put it where it belongs, within each individual. p206

Take advantage of your individual capability to add to co-creating something beyond what has been dreamed of thus far. p206

Keep your thoughts and E-motions as bright and forward thinking as you can. p207

Chapter 13

Many of your people have already seen us among you. We are often seen in places where there is what you term UFO activity. p212

If you see glowing orbs of light, rest assured that you are being cared for on a deep energetic level. p213

We are all made of the same powerful source energy that made all of the known, and unknown, multi-verse. p213

True creators can transform, and raise, any energy they encounter into something else. p213

When you fear, you take away your own power to transform frequency. p213

Many of you will become leaders in the associations between worlds. p216

When the time is right, many of you will see, feel, and hear us among you. p216

If your hearts and souls are on a light frequency, you will connect only with other highly developed souls with good intentions. p217

There is never anything to fear when you come from a place of genuine warmth, understanding, and goodwill to all. p217

There is an entourage of inter-galactic and inter-dimensional beings taking an interest in your planet, and your species’ evolutionary cycle. p217

We hope that your collective consciousness will embark on a journey to find peace and enlightenment among friends from other worlds. p218

No being has power over your mind unless you allow yourself to succumb to its tyranny by believing you are powerless. p218

No Reptilian can eat you, and no Grey will be able to abduct and experiment on you, if you make your higher intentions known through your thoughts and emotions. p218

A victim mentality will not hold up in your dealings with advanced beings. p219

The energy inherent in musical frequencies affects matter and all life at the basic building block level. p220

Some of the crop designs are the result of fourth and fifth dimensional cultures’ attempts to prepare you for their arrival. p221

We congratulate those that are able to think outside traditional belief systems, as they provide new hope of expanded views and reality for your species. p222

Stretch your reality to venture into the now very real option of extraterrestrial two-way communications. p222

It is those seekers among you that are making possible a human future in the intergalactic community. p223

You are all capable of having telepathic interactions, whether you are aware of it or not. p223

Your soul may exist in a form other than human. p225

Many of you have an inherent knowing that you did not come from planet Earth originally. p225

Eventually we will all meet gladly in the spaces between and beyond the envelope of time. p225

Chapter 14

It is the space between what you perceive as matter that holds the true essence of creation. p227

The whole system of matter is made up of your thoughts projected as frequency patterns, individually and collectively. p228

We, as in Everything, are God, and we are all The Creator. p231

You are created in the image of the Creator because you are the Creator. p231

The pyramids were power houses built for consciousness amplification and travel outside the envelope of time. p234

Always use your own soul’s guidance as your barometer. p237

When in doubt, meditate and follow the sensations of your inner knowing. p237

A special quality of your leap to the next dimension of awareness will be your new perception of the illusory nature of time. p237

This present reality is but a hiccup in the existence of your true being. p244

Chapter 15

The wonders along the road of soul evolution will be more readily understood as you step through the gateway to the next dimension. p245

The so-called knowledge of good and evil that your soul exposed itself to in the third dimension, is actually the gift of free will. p247

Each life is a piece of a larger puzzle that is your higher consciousness. p249

You are already “there” because the process is the “there.” And “there” is “here” already. p249

The beauty of being a conscious being is that you will always be changing. p250

All minds that are on the same frequency will lock into the same channel and communicate ideas over great distances. p253

The leap of humanity, and Earth, is affecting many beings. p255

The road ahead is filled with exciting new energy, and enhanced creativity. P255

You are each a force that is pushing the wave that will transform life as you know it. p261

Chapter 16

The human construction of evil can be abolished in a single moment. p264

True free will is choosing what you experience with awareness, and not with blind faith or conformity to mass belief. p264

Your species has been given the gift of the knowledge of good and evil and now it has the opportunity to rise above these constructions. p264

By judging any other beings as unholy, because they do not worship a certain elevated human being alone, is contradicting their messages. p265

No one will attain a higher place in the after world or this world by worshipping any other being. p265

Simply believing in another’s divinity does not create that state of mind in oneself.

To truly accept that all external occurrences are your energetic doing, and that nothing is either bad or good, is progress for your soul. p266

Rather than distrust, try one week of believing that you are already an advanced being with highly attuned sensitivities. p267

Each soul has movements designed for their own symphony of expression. p268

Seeing the inner spark in others elevates your interactions on a soul connection level. p276

See the inner radiating light in every person you meet. p276

All interactions with others offer potential light filled paths. p276

If all humans were to elevate one another in all associations, then your species would ascend. p277

You each have personal paths, but together you have a greater path. p277

Chapter 17

Your souls have gone through many journeys to find their way to these days of opportunity. p280

What appears as strong government or corporate control will fall apart under the weight of the energy that is coming. p280

All the wheels are set in motion for the way makers to leap ahead. p281

As you enlighten your own souls, it reverberates into the sea of consciousness and enlightens all. p282

There will be many soul-mates joining together to accentuate their energy in the transition. p283

When you look at your body through new dimensional eyes, you will see a radiant form. p284

The exploration of your personal light form will be an ongoing adventure in 4D. p285

The human race is a mix of genetic material from the cosmos, as is all life on Earth. p288

Everything you have endured in many lives culminates in a strengthened soul. p291

What you have experienced in this life is only a small part of who you are, what you have been, and what your soul knows. p291

All your burdens are opportunities for you to exhibit more of your personal and particular light in the universe. p292

What decision reflects the soul expression that you wish to see in the universe? p293

Chapter 18

Your new dimensional senses will work on a more visionary scope.p299

If you are too precise about a desired outcome it may block a greater potentiality within a bigger picture. p300

As you step through the final gateway into the next dimension, it will be as if the veil of time has lifted and you can sense its illusory nature. p301

After the transition, you will also become more open to physically meeting races of beings that you have a soul affinity with. p302

The links made with probable human selves and probable extraterrestrial selves will all play a role in your new fourth dimension experience. p303

You will each be able to heal any ailment at the frequency level. p306

Some among your people will become experts at time manipulation. These people will become time warriors. p311

There are many extraterrestrials monitoring your development to assure that your spiritual acumen is evolving as readily as your scientific understanding of space, time, and matter creation. p313

Without science and spiritual integration, your species cannot progress to influence other dimensions to any greater extent than it already has. p313

Chapter 19

True creating is true giving. This is your ultimate reason for being. p315

The very essence of consciousness desires to share its uniqueness. p315

When giving from the soul, your heart soars and recipients flourish.p316

True giving does not sacrifice; it rejuvenates both the giver and the receiver. p316

The only way to free yourself from the survival prison is to express your soul essence in every moment in every thought and action. p317

Consciousness desires to be more so that all reality can be more. p317

Letting go of ego self-interest and expressing your light is true sharing. p319

The diamond you have within is the only one like it. If you do not let it glimmer, then it will go unseen and a portion of creation will be left in darkness. p319

Finding the jewel within is your mission. p319

Each soul that turns on is another bulb of light that dissolves the darkness and lifts the vibrancy of your Earth. p320

Each day in your realm is a gift your soul is given to brighten the world. p320

All love that comes from your connection to your source is given unconditionally. p321

Finding and polishing your inner diamond will lead naturally to a strengthened soul and intuitive sharing. p323

Be still, imagine, listen, and trust your inner senses. p323

You are not only the physical being you see in the mirror. p323

Love what you choose to express in this world and appreciate that you have much to share. p324

Make a decision that you will share the truth of your soul. p324

Accept that you are integrated into the web of life and love yourself for your part. p324

Be at peace with your being and begin to allow the inner beauty to shine. p324

The multi-verse is a dance of sharing and receiving light for personal and universal growth and expansion. p327

When you remain appreciative, you are opening your portal to be a receptacle for universal expression. p327

All consciousness has the evolutionary desire to share, and for that sharing to be received. p328

Evolution occurs as a process of giving and receiving the source energy of creation.

God-ing is the process of sharing the light of consciousness. p328

The new consciousness of sharing from the soul level is dawning. p328

Practice caring, empathizing, genuinely listening, and receiving the light shared from others. p330

Time lines in many realities are converging. p330

The benevolence of extraterrestrial species from many dimensions and time frames are adding to the richness of the evolution of the One, in your now. p330

There is nothing more fulfilling for us than to see another form of consciousness blossom in its expression. p331

When you allow the flow of source light from our realm, you are giving to evolve. p331


Simion Quotes ~ from Keys to Soul Evolution Copyright 2010 Jill Mara


You can choose a favorite quote, or ask for guidance as to the best quote for you, and we will make a custom iron-on transfer T-shirt with your selection. A great way to inspire yourself and others.

To place a secure order for the book, ebook, or on custom quote T-shirt please visit our store