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"The more you fight against evil or what you perceive as negativity, the more you allow it to continue. Your reality can be shifted in an instant by mentally and spiritually removing the concept of evil from your consciousness."

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Keys to Soul Evolution book coverKeys to Soul Evolution: A Gateway to the Next Dimension

~ Channeled by Jill "Amariah" Mara
for Simion, the Evolutionary Collective

Table of Contents and Reviews

Pure light beings from the 7th dimension have an interest in current human development. They have identified themselves as Simion, the Evolutionary Collective and have telepathically channeled Keys to Soul Evolution, through Jill "Amariah" Mara.

Simion offers assistance to propel humankind forward to our next spiritual octave. They explain that the sentient Earth is making the transition to the next dimension, and we can join her by raising our vibration thereby accelerating our soul evolution, individually and collectively. They educate us as to the inherent power of our collective intent to create a world of harmony and abundance.

Simion explains that our thoughts and emotions are energy forms that help create our universe, which is becoming increasingly super conductive as we near a pivotal point when our solar system reaches the central plane of our galaxy in 2012, triggering a physical and spiritual shift that will transform our reality.

Simion advises us on ways to consciously participate to create a smoother transition, including how to:

  • Clear away the layers of your ego veil to reveal the brilliance of your soul
  • Develop sensitivity to frequency and raise your vibration
  • Discover and create with your soul vision to live a purposeful life
  • Regenerate and flow with the zero point field of source energy
  • Use higher intentions to collectively encourage outcomes.

The light beings reveal what humans can expect in the lighter dimensional reality, such as:

  • Sensations of enlightenment and ascension
  • Inter-dimensional space and time travel
  • Associations with the inter-galactic community
  • The energetic balance and renewal of resources
  • Giant strides in technology, healing methods, and psychic abilities

Simion’s sole purpose in delivering this message is to assist humanity in its ascension process. Keys to Soul Evolution is full of enlightening and practical advice that will enhance your spiritual growth and contribution to universal evolution.

Please browse excerpts on the channeled message links on the left, and peruse the Table of Contents and read Reviews on these hightlighted links.

ISBN10: 0-9824846-1-6 ISBN13: 978-0-9824846-1-5

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Keys To Soul Evolution (printed paperback book)
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Cles de L'evolution de l'âme

Keys to Soul Evolution has been published in French (as Les Cles de L'evolution de L'ame by Ariane Editions. You can order from their website.











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