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"Every single physical and emotional element in your surroundings is a poetic creation by attraction. As you learn to seek the meaning in your environment, you are becoming aware of the poet's intentions."
Jeshua on ISRAEL Journey of Light

Israel Travel December 2012Jesus speaking through Amariah on the 9 Mystical Days in the Holy Land Journey Dec. 5-14, 2012

I am Jeshua or Jesus of Nazareth of Christed Consciousness.  I speak to you from the divinity that is inherent in all beings of Earth and that is the right of each being to know.  I am your example of that which you each are as reflections of God consciousness, the One God of the Oneness that we each are as a gem glistening within. 

Many who follow my teachings think of me as one who suffered for their sins, but this is not so, as suffering was never known by my Earthly flesh, and this was my example for you to see that suffering need not exist and only exists in  your consciousness. 

Seeing my flesh as suffering was not seeing the truth of my divine soul and the same is true for each of you.  When you suffer, you are not seeing your divinity and the divinity in everything you experience.  When you see the light in all that is, then you know no such thing as suffering, no matter what occurs on the outside of the fleshly reality.  This was my message to you, one of many that have been misconstrued. 

Perhaps many lessons can be reexamined from a Christed consciousness as you move in this direction of awareness and blessedness.  Your true sin is only in not knowing your own truth as being One with the God consciousness and knowing that you need not suffer at all, should you choose this state of being.

With that, I shall answer your questions.

Question: Jeshua, from your perspective what is the Divine purpose of this journey over 12/12/12?

Jesua: This time is the dawning of your mass Christ arising.  It is the dawning for your mass consciousness to remember who you are as beings of light and to gain awareness of what Christed being is for your souls incarnate.  This 12 12 12 is the gateway to seeing the truth of your only sin of not seeing.  It is the time of eye opening and becoming a Messiah race.  Therefore, the divine purpose for any journey at this juncture will be to see ones divine reach and purpose. 

The place of Israel holds the source of the seeds of many spiritual journeys of knowing oneself as the One.  It holds the energy of seeking, but also of being.  Those that make the journey to sacred places on Earth, such as places that have birthed spiritual enlightenment, will find they are rerouting thought that has occurred throughout your history of Religious thought. 

The gateway time offers the lightworkers an opportunity to set the course away from greed and misuse of power and Religious ideas that have caused separation.  Those on spiritual journeys of power at this time will be setting a new pattern of reconciliation, forgiveness, and a renewed joy in being connected as a Messiah race all One and the same, yet beautifully unique and cherished as aspects of God, my father, my mother and yours as well.  

Being called to Israel and heeding that call during 12 12 12 is a mighty and blessed gift to be shared.  It is not to be taken lightly and yet is all light. 

Question: Besides Bartholomew, will any other Apostles be on this journey, if so which ones?

Jeshua: Not all the apostles are incarnate at this time on Earth.  The majority of these souls are helping from ethereal plans, and two have joined extraterrestrial worlds that are assisting humanity.  There are five incarnate on Earth now, two of these are children and one an old man and two others are adults.  None are likely to be on the journey.  However, John the Baptist has the potential to join your trip.  His soul is incarnate within three humans alive today.  One of his forms may come on your journey to be a part of his own awakening as to his true origin and purpose as one who can rebirth the souls of those seeking spiritual rejuvenation.   

Question: What is Jeremy's and Amariah's connection to you?

Jeshua: Both Jeremy and Amariah were present at my time of physical existence on Earth when my messages were being wrought and brought forth to pave a way to the coming of the mass messiah.  Amariah was up above in a space ship from Andromeda. Jeremy was a peasant who heard the call and fell to his knees before the truth of the light.  Not the light of the space craft, but the light of the messages of Love that streamed forth in the message of Oneness and glory for our universal divinity.  

There is more to the stories of my coming than you have been told.  I was accompanied by friends throughout the universe and knew them as part of our God force.  Many of Jewish faith did not make me to be the messiah, because at that time they knew that the Messiah was meant to be for all of us to become at once.  Those in the know, understood that I was the messenger of the true Messiah experience that you are all capable of being.  What should be worshipped is not me as a messenger, but the truth of what I was representing, which is what you are and can see yourselves to be, and thus become. You are all capable of creating your own miracles and I came to exemplify this actuality.

Quesitons: We are filming this for a TV pilot, can you share some insights for us?

Jeshua: Your TV programming is the latest means of walking on water.  In other words, it has the potential to create the images that many need to create their own miracles. Your program can show the miraculous and make the mystical more real.  In stories messages are sent over distances and told to millions.  In our day, it was by word of mouth or written words.  In your day, miracles travel by airwaves in images and sounds. 

What is key, is the story you decide to tell.  Make your mysteries become miracles with their impact and inspiration. The miracles of the Biblical stories were all meant to inspire truth within each soul and to help them believe in what is possible.  Your TV program can do the same for millions in an instant.  If you make it about inspiring the miraculous through journeys of power and enlightenment, it will carry forward with its own vigor.

Question: Can you tell us are there any sacred spots you want us to focus on and will you speak to us while we are on the journey?

Jeshua: There are many places you will visit that hold the energy of my presence incarnate and beyond.  They hold the thoughts of those seeking their own Christ self and the seeds of my energy planted in history.  This is the energy you will want to bring forth.  Leave the energy behind that has caused strife over Religious thought and embrace the message of Love in its pure form. Allow your selves to transcend all boundaries and become blissfully in love with every spark of life.  This state of being is quite easily tapped in many of the sacred spaces you will visit, as my essence still is quite alive in the places that I stepped on Earth. 

The same is true of other Religious leaders that walked in the same spaces.  We walked thusly to empower the power lines in places where our energy could be most amplified.  Jerusalem is such a place of power.  You will find yourselves sensitive to the forces at play through time in such spots.   It is up to each on his own journey to discover the connections to us through the loop of time.  All who will be on the journey are connected now, and through time, with each other, and with the awakening of the messianic age. 

Yes, I will touch each who come forth to walk this path.  I will be by each one’s side and will speak to you along the way, as you wish.
~ Jeshua in the light of Christ Consciousness

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